It is a highly effective way of implementing improvements that has real and sustainable impact on the organization. Our approach is centered around our ethos that quantum of improvement is sustainable only when all the three vertices of a triangle viz: People , Process and Technology are seen in entirety – an isolated or compartmentalized views results in sub optimal situations which is not desirable for any organization. Our uniqueness stems from the fact that we have been practicing business managers, hence our approach and solutions are actionable and implementable. At Unigrow, we specialize in complete process transformation in areas related to Supply Chain, HR and Technology. Our Business Process Re-engineering or Business Process Improvement initiatives capabilities run through the entire chain from process refinement to process transformation. We help organizations identify weaknesses in their current set up and develop new ways to increase efficiencies, reduce cost, improve processing times and service levels. We utilize proven process improvement methodologies as well as industry standard model for process mapping and requirements definition. Our objective is to set up improved processes which have measurable metrics, hence easy to review. For our business process reengineering clients we utilize a proven five-tiered, systematic approach to BPR which includes the following:

  • Analysis

    Identify areas for improvement and opportunities for process redesign in the current “As-Is” environment

  • Design

    Generate solutions using brainstorming techniques, best practices research, and performance target design methods to identify the desired future state or the “To-Be” environment. It is during this stage that the interplays between the enablers for the to-be process come into place and therefore the larger blue print of the design with all the enablers are finalized.

  • Development

    Formulate operating processes, technology implementation plan, commensurate organization structure along with competency mapping and training , for implementing the approved solution and begin the transformation planning process. Also, develop methods for measuring and monitoring the transformation progress from beginning to end. It is at this stage that the process/sub process measurement metrics are put in place which will get refined as we move through the implementation stage.

  • Implementation

    Execute the solution on multiple parallel tracks within the targeted timeframes and within the approved budget.

  • Implementation

    Build measurement tools, monitor implementation, and evaluate results. The dove tailing of the new set of KPIs/KRAs with the employee performance management system is also done at this stage.